Carter & Clark Hire Loren Weaver, EIT

13 Apr 2015

Carter & Clark is proud to announce the recent addition of Loren Weaver as Engineering/Surveying Technician.

Loren holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology as well as a minor in Spanish. She is also in the process of completing coursework for her Masters of Arts in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.

Loren maintains an EIT for the state of Georgia.

Some highlights in Loren’s career include:

Baker Hughes Incorporated
Loren was a part of the Engineering Development Program where she worked in the oil field. There she monitored drilling operations using Logging While Drilling tools including parameters such as reservoir navigation and stability. In addition, she managed all day-to-day maintenance and reporting of all activities in the field.

Haight Davis & Associates Incorporated
Loren worked in forensic engineering where she conducted site visits to inspect property damage due to construction defects. She also assisted in construction consulting in civil engineering, construction engineering and building technology.

Loren is also a published author of an urban fantasy adventure series – Victoria Novak: Paranormal Division.

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